I want to live. I don’t want to die.

They watch me suffer in a trap

I cry, but they won’t help me

I don’t know why.


 I want to live. I don’t want to die.

They take me from my home

Imprison and torment me

I don’t know why.


I want to live. I don’t want to die.

They tie a rope around my neck

Drag my trembling body from the cage

I don’t know why.


I want to live. I don’t want to die.

They throw me to the ground

And beat me like they hate me

I don’t know why.


I want to live. I don’t want to die.

My body aches in pain

Their knife rips through my skin

I don’t know why.


I want to live. I don’t want to die.

Shivering, I am so cold

They throw me naked in the trash

I don’t know why.


I want to live. I don’t want to die.

I cry, but no one will save me

I take my last breath

And ask God why.


© Kathleen Lowson, Director

All Rights Reserved


CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak is a critically-acclaimed  Documentary Film Series probing into the deeper layers of the psyche to help heal the ‘condition of disconnect’ of an egocentric society that perpetuates the holocaust of animals, with its center on the fur trade as a paradigm of a larger nemesis permeating our world.  The films move society to see with the eyes of the soul, carrying their cries for salvation across the great divide of greed to transform consciousness and evolve humanity.

The cruelty inflicted upon millions of sentient beings with no moral conscience or ethical boundaries is a violation of the innocent at its core.  It is clear that until the consciousness of society is brought to a higher place of understanding, the fight for animal welfare will continue with no end in sight.  

This groundbreaking Documentary Film Series has screened around the globe with acclaimed reviews and international press, including precedent-setting television news coverage in China, the world’s largest exporter of animal skins and the mecca of the dog and cat fur trade, breaking down the iron curtain of media control in China and exposing its cruel trade practices to the international community.

We are seeking benefactors, sponsors, celebrity support and angel donors to support our work to evolve huimanity and give them a voice to set them free.

Thank you on behalf of the animals, who are relying on us for their lives.

Kathleen Lowson, Director

Cry of the Innocent: The Voices That Can’t Speak 

Please consider a donation to our vitally important work for the animals, which needs your support.  Donations can be made via this website.

“Extraordinary, a brave and vitally important piece of work”… “Riveting!!”…”Wow, powerful and gripping!”… “A documentary unlike any about animal cruelty”… “Very deeply affecting.”

“CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices that Can’t Speak is a monumental film and call to action that is a magnificent contribution to the animal rights movement.”Dr. Shenita Etwaroo

“A revealing film which explores the psychological and spiritual factors that contribute to animal cruelty in the fur industry. Rather than merely covering tales of brutality, Cry of the Innocent: The Voices That Can’t Speak interprets from the “soul perspective” in an attempt to explore the underlying source of animal abuse and the subsequent disconnection in society. As Lowson has stated: “The power of respect will change our world” – respect for ourselves and respect for life.”National Geographic News Watch

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11 Comments On “I WANT TO LIVE”

  1. Mother Earth Cries!

  2. May all people awaken their soul and bring compassion to every part of their lives. Animals have souls and deserve our love and respect.

  3. Furs are something every vain man or woman desire. Each bit of fur not only takes an innocent life away; it takes it away in the most gruesome manner possible. Fur farms use the cheapest way possible to kill an animal, so they are often beaten to death, suffocated or bled until they die. The animals are also skinned alive and then left to die a slow and agonizing death.

  4. Thank you for what you do. Please let me know how I can help.

  5. The poem brought tears to my eyes. Yes karma is real for those who do this to defenceless creatures… their time will come!

  6. I will never understand how humans can be so cruel. It makes me ashamed to call myself a human. When will people realize that animals are so much more than food or something to wear.

  7. What are we? Are we really human beings? Did god make us like this? Did we come to earth to kill other living beings, to skin them alive to wear their skin for fashion to show how rich we are? How would we feel if we were skinned alive for someone else to use our skin? I wonder the monsters who are running this business, how can they sleep at night after hearing the cry of the innocent ones? How can they look in the mirror after seeing the helpless eyes of the voiceless? How can they eat their bread knowing that the money with which they bought the bread is by killing the ones who have never harmed them? There is a saying “when the bird is alive they eat ants, but when birds die ants eat them”… I believe in KARMA. The ones who are doing this barbaric act will also suffer equally. And I pray and wish that day comes soon.

  8. If we were meant to wear fur, nature would have kept us in it. Being glamorous doesn’t rely on torture and death of innocent creatures.

  9. Thanks! You are actually helping humans as well. We all need to know about what’s going on in order to help others and eventually ourselves.

  10. I loved that poem. It made me cry and cry and cry, and my friends asked me why and I showed them and they cried too!!

  11. You would think history teaches us at least anything, but that’s so rare. A very deep post, thanks!

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