Kathleen Lowson

CEO/Chief Vision Officer, Lowson International Studios Film Director, Writer, Producer, Photographer A New York native, Kathleen’s career has spanned over two decades from NYC to Los Angeles. She is the Founder and Chief … Read More


Teri Hitt

Graphic Design/Web Design

soul secret service 14+ years experience in Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Editing and Grassroots PR.  Worked as Studio Manager and Graphic Artist at one of largest ad agencies in Los Angeles before starting her own company, soul … Read More

Robert Lignier

Music Composer

Robert is a contributing music composer to Lowson International Studios documentary film series, Cry of the Innocent: The Voices That Can't Speak. He is a French composer, arranger, sound designer, songwriter and singer. His expansive work … Read More

Arabo Sargsyan

Graphic Design Artist

Arabo Sargsyan is an Armenian vegan design artist and Founder of Nir Vana Vegan Design. He is a contributing graphic artist to Lowson International Studios' film slate, including movie posters for its' documentary film series Cry of the … Read More

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