Behind the Veil of Fur Fashion



The international fur trade is criminal and is the cruelest industry in the world, taking the lives of over 150 MILLION fur-bearing animals every year (including domestic cats and dogs) in addition to 1 BILLION rabbits, in the most horrific ways imaginable.

Our critically acclaimed Documentary Series exposes the true face of the fur trade covering the international fur trade, the cat and dog fur trade, and the Canadian seal hunt massacre, which murders innocent baby seals in their nurseries every year, subsidized by the Canadian government.

The sale of fur must be banned worldwide. Our documentary exposes the true face of the fur trade, which has brought about important victories, including groundbreaking anti-fur bills. With your support, we can continue this critical work.

Movie Reviews“Extraordinary, a brave and vitally important piece of work”… “Riveting!!”…”Wow, powerful and gripping!”… “A documentary unlike any about animal cruelty”… “Very deeply affecting.”

We rely exclusively on donations to do this critical work. Thank you for your support.

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