What is the state of our world’s conscience when we tolerate the systematic murder of sentient beings and empower the industries that profit from such atrocity?

We are a social justice movement using the power of media to expose the truth behind the veil of industry and the egocentric society that subsidizes the holocaust of animals around the globe, in the name of profit, vanity and greed.

The evolution of the collective consciousness is the critical mandate for humanity and the time is NOW.  It is evident that the human species has not evolved when the inhumane suffering of the nonhuman species by the hands of “humanity” is still a reality.  The murder of any life is morally indefensible and a violation of the spirit at its core.

The question is not, ‘Can they reason?’ nor ‘Can they talk?’ but ‘Can they suffer?’ – Jeremy Bentham

Every year, billions of animals around the globe are systematically enslaved, tortured and killed in the name of ignorance and profit.  Their inalienable right to life is the greatest social justice issue of our time and is, in fact, a ‘soul’ issue perpetuated by an egocentric society devoid of spiritual conscience.  All living beings feel and suffer the same. There is no separation except in society’s state of “disconnect” driven by the ego that perceives the villosity of skin with a disparate separateness and perception of inequality.

Gucci-Fall 2008

Does our desire for self-aggrandizement outweigh human compassion and empathy? Tears have the same meaning in any language.

What is the price an innocent animal must pay for the sake of vanity and greed?

The nonhuman species endures unimaginable suffering and horrific death behind the veil of “industry” – their cries for mercy unheard.  We have the power to stop these atrocities by embracing the values of reverence and compassion for all living beings on our planet.

A cognitive shift in perception will transform society’s behavior from one of ‘separation’ to ‘connection’: the quintessential turning point in the epiphany of the collective consciousness, and, in turn, evolve society to make conscious and compassionate choices.  Any lesser remedy is akin to applying a bandage to a severed limb.  Until we heal the source of harm, the disease will prevail.


By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I am the Voice of the Voiceless

Through me the animals shall speak

Till the world’s deaf ear be made to hear

The wrongs of the wordless weak

Oh shame on the mothers of mortals

Who do not stoop to teach

The sorrow that lies in the animals’ eyes

The sorrow that has no speech

From street, from cage, from kennel

From stable and from zoo

The wall of my tortured kin proclaims the sin

Of the mighty against the frail

But I am my brother’s keeper

And I shall fight their fight

And speak the word for beast and bird

‘Til the world shall set things right.

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