Canadian Seal Hunt


The Canadian seal ‘hunt’ massacre murders innocent baby seals in their nurseries every year, subsidized by the Canadian government, despite international outcry at its reprehensible cruelty and a hugely declining global demand for seal ‘products’ and declining ice conditions due to global warming.

Canadian sealers are officially allowed to kill seal pups in an annual massacre, which they call a “hunt” which could not be farther from the truth. Make no mistake about it.  This atrocity is not a hunt by any stretch of the imagination. It is a cold-blooded massacre of baby seals so young, they are still nursing and have not eaten their first solid meal, so young that they have not learned to swim to escape from “human” predators who have no regard for their life.  Most are skinned alive.

PETITION to Canadian government to end the slaughter by implementing a federal buyout of sealing licenses.

Every year, the Canadian government subsidizes the massacre of seal pups, who are brutally slain in their own nursery. Over 95% of the pups murdered are 12 weeks to 3 months of age. The pups are hunted for their pelts, for a mere pittance.  Is this the value we put on the murder of innocent beings for the sake of vanity?

The market for seal pelts is almost nonexistent, yet the Canadian government continues to subsidize these atrocities. To date, 35 countries have instituted trade bans, including Russia—which was importing about 95 percent of Canadian seal skins. Undeterred, the Canadian government continues to waste taxpayer money for this despicable industry and is pursuing new markets in China.

Sealers kill thousands of harp seal pups every year and were filmed dragging live seals on to their boats, beating them and skinning them while fully conscious. Dragging seals who are not dead by hooks in their mouth is illegal, according to the regulations of this ‘hunt’ but the DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) has not taken action against violators, despite the clear evidence presented to them.

The Canadian seal ‘hunt’ is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet (with the exception of a few years in which the Namibian Cape fur seal massacre took more lives). Subsidized by the Canadian government, more than one million baby seals have been killed in the past few years.

The Namibian seal cull is equally as cruel. which slaughters 100,000 Cape fur seal pups every year (for their pelts) and 10,000 Cape fur seal bulls (for their genitals, considered aphrodisiacs in Asia). Nursing seal pups are separated from their mothers, rounded up on the Namibian beaches where they are born (which are considered seal ‘reserves’) and clubbed and stabbed. The sheer terror of the slaughter causes pups to vomit their mother’s milk in fear, causing panic among the seal colony, while seal mothers escape into the ocean, forced to abandon their newborn pups.

The agonizing deaths inflicted upon defenseless newborns is an atrocity and violation of the innocent at its’ core.

The global fur trade takes the lives of over 150 MILLION fur-bearing animals per year, including domestic cats and dogs (which are mostly stolen pets and homeless strays).  This count does not include rabbits, which the UN reports to be at least 1 BILLION killed for their skin every year.

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