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CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak
A Kathleen Lowson Film

Any life worth living comes with a commitment to fulfill our destiny, our reason for being.  This film is my destiny, never any doubt, for I hold passion in my heart to heal the suffering in this world through the illumination of consciousness.  I believe we are all here to find our passion, our voice, and in so doing, contribute to the frequency of love on our planet.  The power is in our hearts.

This film is one of the most difficult projects I have ever done and the most critical.  As I gather footage for my film research from supporters, The Humane Society, PETA and others, I must catch my breath for it is incomprehensible that such barbaric cruelty and utter lack of compassion or empathy for the suffering of these loving souls can exist.  It is beyond human understanding.

I am creating a film that speaks the truth at a very deep level that I believe people will want to see, not close their eyes in horror.  A spiritual and psychological study of the human condition, the film will elicit a transformation of consciousness through the soul perspective to heal a larger, more expansive nemesis permeating our world and its disconnection in society.

Greed and apathy in corporate America vibrate on the same frequency as violence, cruelty, abuse, lack of empathy or compassion, albeit toward human or animal.

The Occupy Movement has taken a stand against injustice.  I must also take a stand for the innocents, for they cannot take a stand for themselves.  They can only hope in their hearts that someone will care enough to save them.

The animals are not excluded from justice.  They have an inherent right to live on this earth in peace with dignity.  Animals have souls, just as we humans do.  I believe they are our teachers, our connection with our own souls.  They are pure, unconditional love birthed on our planet to heal the underlying disconnection in our society.

Animals are companions, magical creatures of the earth, not commodities.  They are sentient beings, capable of responding emotionally, with feeling and perception, rather than intellectually, as we humans do.  Their connection to life is on a soul level, not on a physical, superficial level – they will help us evolve our heart value and teach us to live and appreciate life in the present moment.

Gandhi most eloquently expressed it best: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

I struggle to find peace when I know the suffering these precious souls endure – unbearable torment and death without mercy for the sake of fashion, self-aggrandizement, and absorption with ego.  I am making this film to awaken consciousness and love on our planet.

The power of respect will change our world.

©Kathleen Lowson
CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak

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5 Comments On “The Film Journey”

  1. After watching the six minute preview, I know that this film will make a major impact on those who would not actually hurt animals, but turn a blind eye to what they are wearing or eating. I am sure that there will be others who have not cared much at all about animals and will be awakened to the horrors that go on. Sadly, there will still be those who will not even watch the film and could not care less about what happens to any animal. However, if enough of the former people generate more concern and change their ways, then hopefully, there will be no interest in the fur industry and that it will fall apart! Hopefully, many more people will automatically become vegetarian/vegan. None of this will happen overnight, but I am sure there will be a vast change to benefit animals and every life saved is a bonus! Thank you Kathleen Lowson.

  2. Blessings to you Kathleen Lowson for making this film. In my Opinion, Fur Farms are one of the most disgraceful Crimes Against Animals in our society. I pray your message is heard and I thank you for the unselfish sacrifice you have given in speaking for these helpless animals that are killed for greed, without guilt or feeling.

  3. You are doing soul work. I salute your incredible bravery in making this unbelievably painful journey for the sake of your soul, the animals souls and reminding those of us who feel like you do, why there is more to life than money, posessions and acquisitions. It is a reminder that there is such a thing as unconditional love. It is in the eyes, more than anywhere else that the truth can be seen. Thank you for this.

  4. Im now 52 years and for many years of my life I just didnt care and didnt want to know. I owned fur-coats and even when I was a vegetarian, I bought a beautiful red coat with fox-fur trimming – I felt so great! Since three years I am on the buddhist path and the training in compassion seems slowly to show an effect on me – so today I stumbled upon your film. Its heartbreaking facts make me feel ashamed about the dullness, apathy and egocentrism concerning animals I indulged in most of my life. According to buddhist teachings, they all have been our parents, children, friends and family in countless past lives. Thank you for opening our eyes, breaking our hearts open, I will spread the truth wherever possible. Christine from Austria

  5. I support you in making this film. It is timely and very much needed to assist in the awakening. Ultimately we must face this darkness hidden behind the shopping malls and mass produced products. Where do these products come from? What is involved in making them? What is the ultimate cost paid? I have seen some of the footage and it haunts me. It tears me apart. I think if people knew that animals and in particular cats and dogs were brutally killed so they could have a little fur on their jacket, they would not purchase it. We have to speak with our dollars. Thank you for your efforts. I know it has been difficult.

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