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The Evolution of Soul in Social Justice

“The Evolution of Soul in Social Justice”© is a universal social justice initiative with a continuing mission for humanity to ignite the genesis of spiritual evolution in consciousness for progressive systemic change. Only then can we hope to stop the further destruction of our planet and all beings who inhabit it – not just “for the human species” but for all species who were put on this earth and humanity’s indivisible reliance on the biodiversity of our planet in order to survive.

The energy of soul inextricably connects us to each other in the web of life. It is nothing less than life itself. When our perceptual view of all life is seen as a ‘thou’ rather than an ‘it’ in consciousness, the source of injustice can be witnessed for what it is and transformed. Then history will no longer be repeated, but instead, history will be made, leaving a legacy of reverence for all life on our planet.

This important social justice initiative will go behind the veil of social unrest and injustice to reveal the catalyst behind the atrocities committed in our cultural history, which continue to this day through the systemic holocaust of the nonhuman species. The veil that lies over injustice in our society can no longer be obscured behind the destruction it has left visibly in its’ wake.

“The Evolution of Soul in Social Justice”© was created by Kathleen Lowson, the Director of the critically-acclaimed documentary film series “Cry of the Innocent: The Voices That Can’t Speak” eliciting a call for humanity to awaken to its’ egocentric ways and to ascend in consciousness to a paradigm shift of spiritual awakening. Kathleen is a spiritual scholar and intuit, utilizing the principles of divine law as the foundation in her work. Her advocacy for animal rights and social reform has spanned 20+ years. Her powerful work takes a spiritual perspective, so that an awakening can occur from a deeper level of the psyche and evolve humanity to see with the eyes of the soul and make compassionate choices.

This critical project initiative will instill progressive systemic change, starting at the grassroots level and expanded globally via broadcast, web and mobile, as well as media channels, news and media organizations, strategic alliances, supporter networks, and global media outreach via film/video and print, as well as other ancillary platforms and venues.

Justice is the moral imperative of our time and the awakening of consciousness is the means to that end. An investment in the evolution of humanity is our only hope.  The time is NOW.

Please make a contribution to this vitally important and timely social justice initiative by clicking the Donate button on our site today.  Thank you for joining with us in this critical mission for all life on this planet before the Earth falls silent.

“The Evolution of Soul in Social Justice”: A Universal Social Justice Initiative for Progressive Systemic Change. © Kathleen Lowson.  All Rights Reserved.

Grant Review from Puffin Foundation West

“In their behavior toward creatures, all men are Nazis.
For the animals, it is an eternal Treblinka.
Human beings see oppression vividly when they’re the victims.
Otherwise they victimize blindly and without a thought.”

– Holocaust survivor, Isaac Besheva Singer
(Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978)

“Choose if you would take your place among the saviors of the world or would remain in hell and hold your brothers there.” – A Course in Miracles

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