Documentary Film Series

CRY OF THE INNOCENT Movie Poster (New Revised Fashion-Spirit)

Unless we heal the source of inhumanity, the disease will prevail. Any lesser remedy is akin to applying a bandage to a severed limb. – Director, CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak

CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak is a groundbreaking Documentary Film Series revealing the truth of an egocentric and morally corrupt society responsible for the holocaust of millions of animals who die agonizing deaths in silence every year for the fur trade.

Our Documentary Films have screened around the globe with international press coverage and acclaimed reviews, including groundbreaking television news coverage in China, the world’s largest supplier of animal skins and the mecca of the largely unknown cat and dog fur trade, bringing it into the international spotlight.  We have made Important strategic alliances globally with animal welfare organizations that are directly working to end the fur trade.

Through the heart and vision of the Director, we become intimately connected with the victims of the fur trade and experience firsthand their angst, victimization, defenselessness and suffering from the soul level.

Soul is not a thing to be worn, bought or sold.

This precedent-setting Documentary Film Series conveys a spiritually evocative message, bridging the link to cruelty through the soul connection.  Interwoven within the fabric of powerful imagery, the films move society to free its vision from the body’s eyes to see with the eyes of the soul. This cognitive shift in perception will transform society’s behavior from one of ‘separation’ to ‘connection’: the quintessential turning point in the epiphany of the collective consciousness, and, in turn, evolve society to make conscious and compassionate choices.

Films that people will want to see, not close their eyes in horror.

This compelling Film Series is stylized from a revelatory point of view, more a dramatic piece than journalism, unearthing a unique, precedent-setting approach to explore the fundamental source of harm in our society.  The films enter the world of the fur trade in an intimate way rather than investigate the facts from an impersonal point of view. On a broader level, the films address the egocentrism and greed that perpetuate the abuse and exploitation of billions of nonhuman animals and brings to light the consequential effect of violence in our society.

This powerful Documentary Film Series will leave an indelible imprint on the soul of humanity, intuitively evolving the collective consciousness toward compassion and evolutionary change.  The power of respect will change our world.


Production Specifications:  Documentary Film Series

Film Locations:  New York, Canada and China, lending itself to a visually engaging cinematic experience.

Cast: The victims of the fur trade.  We become intimately connected with these sentient beings and experience firsthand their angst, victimization, defenselessness and suffering from the soul level.



We rely on donations to do this work and appreciate your support.  Our dedicated work shines a light onto the darkness so that evil can no longer hide, revealing the truth to heal consciousness and evolve humanity.

Thank you on behalf of the animals, who are counting on us to be their voice and expose the truth to set them free.